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Release History


Release 0.3.1 - 2012-04-13

addClient IP-Adress is now accessible via the SOAP message context using the property name "CLIENT_ADDRESS".thelian
fixBugfix for "Premature end of file" errors under heavy load (provided by Akshathkumar Shetty and Balaji Nandarapu).thelian
addAdvanced-settings section added into jSoapServer.xml for better performance (provided by Akshathkumar Shetty and Balaji Nandarapu).thelian

Release 0.3 - 2010-05-05

updateMigration of build process to Maven.thelian
remove"QSAdminGUI.jar" and related classes removed.thelian
removeJunit test property file removed. The Junit test is now integrated into the build process.thelian

Release 0.2.10 - 2007-08-30

addNew "initService" methods to read the server configuration from URL, File or InputSteam.thelian
addClasses are now added to the Apache-Axis class-cache, if the method "deployRpcSoapService(Class serviceClass, String serviceName)" is used to deploy the service.thelian

Release 0.2.9 - 2006-12-10

update"activation.jar" and "mail.jar" replaced by the equivalent gnu classpath libraries.thelian
updateRenaming of jar files to make it easier to determine the version number of the used library.thelian
updateLicense files of libraries moved into subdirectory of "lib".thelian
updateLibrary-files renamed so that the name contains the version number of the library.thelian
addAdditional function "deployRpcSoapService(Class serviceClass, String serviceName)" to deploy classes by using the class objectthelian
addNew function "getDeploymentProperties" that is used to generate a properties object containing the values of all variables that should be replaced in the deployment template. This function can be overloaded by inherited classes if they are using custom deployment templates with additional variables.thelian
addNew function "generateDeploymentString" that gets the deployment template and the deployment properties as input parameters and generates the deployment string by replacing all occurrences of a deployment variable (e.g. @serviceName@) with the corresponding value stored in the properties object.thelian
addJunit test now uses a property file to load all settings that are needed to establish a connection to jSoapServer.thelian

Release 0.2.8 - 2006-09-28

addNew class "HttpException" for better error handling.thelian
addNew classes "HttpHeaders" and "HttpRequestLine" to handle incoming requests.thelian
addNew classes "HttpHeaders" and "HttpResponseLine" for outgoing response messages.thelian
updateService deployment redesigned: Now the service-deployment-template string is loaded from a resource file (which is "deployRPC.wsdd" per default). Inherited classes can overload the function "loadDeploymentStringTemplate" of SoapServer to provide there own code to load the template from there custom location or can overload "getDeploymentFileName" to specify an other file location.thelian
updateBetter support for persistent connections: This feature is now enabled per default.thelian
updateBetter handling of content encoded (gzip, compress, deflate) request messages.thelian
updateBetter handling of transfer encoded (chunked) request messages.thelian
updateBetter handling of situations when maximum number of clients has been reached and a new client tries to connects. In this case a 503 error message will be returned to the client.thelian
updateMore strict handling of character encoding of response messages.thelian
fixBugfix for attachment support. Sending Attachments as webservice output was handled properly.thelian
addSome testcases added to the jUnit test classthelian

Release 0.2.7 - 2006-05-13

updateMigration to Quickserver V1.4.7.thelian
updateMigration to Apache Axis V1.4thelian
addClass files of jSS are now delivered as jar file (see "lib/jSoapServer.jar").thelian
addAdding startup script to start jSS as standalone application server: "bin/" (linux) and "bin/jSoapServer.bat" (windows)thelian
updateRestructuring of the jSS homepage: adding example how to startup jSS via scripts; adding example how to receive a list of deployed services.thelian
addStarting to implement a Service Publisher class that can be used to publish a deployed service to a UDDI registry.thelian

Release 0.2.6 - 2006-04-08

updateMigration to Quickserver V1.4.6thelian
addAdding QSAdminGUI to release.thelian
addAdding support for service invocation via extended http get requests, e.g. "http://localhost:8090/myservice?method=testDate"thelian
addA list of deployed services can be displayed using e.g. "http://localhost:8090/?list="thelian
updateSourcecode restructuring for better error handling (should work now).thelian
fixBugfix for SOAP Attachment support.thelian
fixBugfix for HTTP/1.1 support (not enabled at the moment).thelian
addJUnit testclass added.thelian
addSOAP client example for Visual Basic added.thelian

Release 0.2.5b - 2006-02-27

addAdded support for Basic http Authentication.thelian
addAdded some usage examples.thelian
addAdded description how to install and test jSoapserver. See Installation.thelian

Release 0.2.5 - 2005-11-25

addAdded support for Content Encoding: gzip, compress.thelian
updateMigration to Apache Axis 1.3.thelian

Release 0.2 - 2005-06-24

updateConnection Keep-Alive support is deactivated per default because of problems with php soap.thelian
updateChanging configuration options for jSoapServer: Now it's possible to handover an already configured axisEnine Object to jSoapServer. Persistent connection support can now be enabled/disalbed via function call during initialization.thelian

Release 0.1.1 - 2005-06-19

addAdding support for persistent http connections (untested).thelian